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Observe actor Dylan O’Brien’s horror-struck expression as director Wes Ball talks about the one time a crew member got bit by a baby rattlesnake while working on the set of “The Maze Runner.” (That’s writer James Dashner giving Dylan a comforting pat after Wes finishes the story.) [x]

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it’s late and i know what you said but you’re the jackson to my danny, the apple to my pie and all that

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Top 5 Tyler Hoechlin facial expressions asked by paratrooped

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Teen Wolf Season 3A and 3B Parallels

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Dylan O’Brien at WonderCon (April 19th 2014)

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Safe and sound, all the way through the night…

IDEK what this is… it’s just something I needed to get out of my system.

[picture based on a reference photo]

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